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Team Arizona welcomes all levels of paddlers. It’s always been our mission to share the sport of outrigger paddling along with our Hawaiian culture. Out-of-state visitors are welcome to practice with us while you are here and share your paddling stories and grow our Ohana.

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We normally practice year round and welcome prospective new and previous members at anytime during the year. Whether it’s time to try something new or time to stretch those paddling muscles again, NOW is the time to join us.


Team Arizona is a part of the Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (SCORA) and as a club, we participate in races held in San Diego and LA counties throughout summer. We normally attend a Hawaii race every year or at times, have ventured to races in the Pacific Northwest. We also have members who have represented TAZ in races as far as New Zealand to New York.

Who paddles for TAZ?

  • recreational paddlers
  • competitive racers who attend SCORA events throughout the summer
  • paddlers who just paddle on long distance voyages
  • dragonboat paddlers who cross train with us

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