Team Arizona holds Open Practices:

Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • 6:00p arrive to help take out canoes.
  • 6:15p warm-up
  • 6:30p on the water
  • 7:30p back at the dock
  • 8:00p canoes have been washed and we’re out the door


  • 6:00a arrive at the dock and warm-up
  • 6:15a on the water
  • 7:15a back at the dock
  • 8:00a canoes have been washed and we’re out the door


Google Maps

550 East Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, AZ 85251 ↗
Practices are held on the north side of Tempe Town Lake at the marina

  • From Loop 202 in Tempe, exit on Scottsdale Road and head north (towards Scottsdale, away from Tempe). You must immediately get into the leftmost lane. You’ll see the Carvana glass structure to your left.
  • Turn at the first left on E. Gilbert Dr.
  • Follow E. Gilbert Drive westward and the marina entrance is right after the overpass.
  • Park anywhere in the parking lot and we gather on the west side of the boatyard. Look for the blue and white canoes.

What to wear

Spring & Summer

what to wear for summer

As the weather starts getting warmer, be cognizant of the sun. Practices at the lake can get up to 110 degrees and above. During those times, we’ll practice later at night or early in the morning however there are times we utilize the heat to train for harder races like the Queen Lili`uokalani Race in September. Most clothing that you would wear to the gym will work. Bring LOTS of water and sunscreen and remember to bring a towel to dry off and extra clothing to change for your drive home. It’s a water sport. Deal with it. The club can provide you with a paddle if you need it but most paddlers end up purchasing their own.

Winter & Fall

As the weather starts getting colder, be prepared to wear a little more clothing when you paddle. Some sort of headwear keeps the heat from leaving your body. Layers are always best because you’ll start to warm up quickly so long sleeve shirts with a jacket that can easily be removed should be considered. Most paddlers will wear some sort of water resistant pants. As for shoes, this is the ONLY time we allow them in the canoe. Remember to bring a towel and extra clothes to change your clothing that may become wet due to the nature of the sport.

what to wear during winter


Every practice starts with helping getting the canoes prepared at the boatyard, then a proper stretch and seat assignments.
A normal practice will usually last a little more than an hour.

Every practice starts Sometimes we do drills to work on basics and cardio, sometimes we do long distance pieces to work on endurance and sometimes a combination.
It really depends on the what type of races we’re getting prepared for.